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Luxury Caribbean Resort Implements UHF-RFID Inventory Tracking Systems to Control High-Value Uniform and Linen Assets

Los Angeles, CA - January 30, 2014

InvoTech Systems Inc. announced that the luxury Canouan Resort on Canouan Island Heart of the Grenadines installed the InvoTech UHF-RFID System for managing the resort’s uniforms, linens, and laundry operations. InvoTech is a leading provider of systems that integrate the latest RFID technology to increase profitability for hotels, casinos, hospitals, and commercial laundry operators. Click here for more information on InvoTech’s Linen, Uniform, and Laundry Systems.

InvoTech Uniform, Linen, and Laundry Systems reduce labor costs, protect assets effectively

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Canouan Resort

Canouan Resort has a uniformed staff of 300 that utilize 3,000 uniforms. Its stock of high thread-count designer linens contains more than 9,000 items. “Canouan Resort’s simultaneous use of InvoTech’s Uniform, Linen, and Laundry Systems will reduce labor costs and track each item in Canouan's inventory to protect its considerable uniform and linen investment,” said Oswald Lares, director of sales for InvoTech Systems. "Our systems automatically record the movement of uniforms and linens to and from the Resort’s off-site laundry without sorting or hand counting.”

InvoTech provided both Canouan Resort and its laundry with UHF-RFID Laundry Cart Reading Stations that utilize touch-screen computers and monitors. Reading Stations are also installed at the staff exit to ensure that uniforms are used only on property. The systems establish employee accountability and completely control items as they move to and from staff to the property and its laundry. Canouan also uses two wireless UHF-RFID Portable Handheld Readers provided by InvoTech to automate a physical inventory. The Handheld Readers enable one staff member to accurately inventory all items in a storeroom in less than a minute.

“Canouan Resort is a good example of how resorts with valuable uniform and linen assets can protect their investment efficiently and effectively," Lares said. InvoTech installed its systems prior to Canouan Resort's grand opening at the end of 2013. The InvoTech installation team implemented the 3 systems at the property and its laundry and trained resort staff for 5 days. The InvoTech Systems will provide ongoing cost saving benefits to Canouan Resort.

“InvoTech’s Linen System is accurate and easy-to-use. It provides our customers with simplified, money-saving automated control of the high-quality linens that we provide,” said Danny Tuaty, president of T-Y Group.

InvoTech has hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide in more than 30 countries, including hotels, resorts, casinos, theme parks, stadiums, arenas, convention centers, medical centers, cleanrooms, and laundries.

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