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Cover These Essential Points with Your Vendor’s Training Chief Before Instruction Starts

Researched by Jeff Welles, Vice President of InvoTech Systems

January 11, 2012 – Competent, experienced trainers are the secret ingredient to ensuring a customer's success when rolling out a new technology. InvoTech Systems, Inc. recently surveyed a group of clients that installed its GIMS™ RFID Uniform and Linen tracking systems to learn about their training needs. Our goal was to help each property's diverse staff master high-tech inventory software and equipment even though they are not familiar with computerized systems. Twenty years of developing and implementing automated laundry solutions and RFID tracking systems has taught us that good user training is essential to an efficient operation. Here are what hoteliers say are the five most important factors for effective technology training.

1. The ability to instill confidence in new technology users. "Many of our back-of-the-house employees do not own computers or have Internet experience. I want a trainer with solid teaching experience who can give my staff confidence with new technology. InvoTech's team has a comprehensive training background and was able to quickly teach our staff to use the system. Insist your vendor's trainers are good teachers, not just technology people."


-Vanessa Barbarin, Purchasing Manager Sycuan Casino

2. The operational know-how to adapt technology to the hotel's processes. "The Broadmoor Hotel's operation is unique. We recommend asking your training supervisor to review and understand your operation before training starts. I look for a trainer's willingness to learn our processes to ensure that the system is implemented to provide the maximum benefits to our specific operation. A training team leader must have enough experience to adapt their system to our processes."

-Renee Broyles, Executive Housekeeper Wilma Thompson, Uniforms Manager Broadmoor Hotel

3. The insight to communicate how a system will make life easier for your staff. "I knew InvoTech's technology would make the job of tracking and inventorying our uniforms easier for my staff and me. But when the trainer explained to my team how the GIMS™ system would benefit them, it created a sense of excitement around the installation and training process. My team was very enthusiastic and loves the system. It is essential to have trainers start by conveying to your staff how the new system will benefit them."

-Olga Pellecer, Wardrobe Supervisor Rivers Casino wardrobe supervisor

4. Trainers who are professional at all times and lead property supervisors by example. "Professionalism and respect for the teacher is the foundation of any good training program. Installers and trainers must be sharp and professional or they will not be credible to the people they are teaching. Training managers who are expert in their field and show commitment to professionalism can lead our supervisors by example. This is important because it shows my supervisors how to train new hires."

-Kathryn Ling Kuo Ying, Wardrobe Manager Resorts World, Sentosa, Singapore

5. Previous hotel experience is essential. "I require that the training team have hotel experience. My associates are not computer people. It is essential that trainers understand how we do our jobs and can teach real-world hotel people. InvoTech's technician did a fantastic job during the initial installation. She spent a week with our associates in the uniform room making sure they understood the system and helping them with their processes. Thanks to her experience, by the time she left all our users felt comfortable enough to use the system by themselves."

-Anne Szuroczki, Director of Environmental Services Fallsview Casino Resort

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