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Rich 12,000 Year-Old Heritage Safe Guarded with Savvy Control of Tribal Assets and Cost-Saving Uniform Inventory Tech

“Above all else, Sycuan is a people,” says Daniel J. Tucker. “Incredibly, our ancestors have lived in the San Diego area for nearly 12,000 years. We proudly pass down many time-honored traditions to keep our heritage and customs alive.” Tucker is chairman of The Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation and its 130 tribal members. They live in the scenic Dehesa Valley near San Diego.

A Native American Indian tribe, the Sycuan defines its identity as an independent, sovereign nation. It has a democratically elected government. The Sycuan people abide by tribal laws as well as state and federal laws. The Sycuan also diversify as a business enterprise to ensure growth. “To date, the Sycuan Casino has been our most noteworthy economic success,” Tucker allows.

Sycuan Casino 

Sycuan Casino

Sycuan times 20,000 uniforms purchase to $28M renovation

“The Sycuan Band was very savvy with their uniform investment strategy,” says Vanessa Barbarin, purchasing manager at Sycuan Casino. “The property is entering a $28 million renovation. Designer uniforms for its entire team will be an important part of the casino’s new image. By timing the new uniform purchase with the total casino renovation, guests will see a fresh image the moment they walk in the lobby.”

Sycuan just-in-time policy maintains no more than $170K in uniforms inventory

“Due to the efficiency and accuracy of the RFID inventory tracking system we installed from InvoTech, we are able to maintain a just-in-time reorder process. We also ensure top service to our team members,” Barbarin continues. “The system lifts the property’s asset control to a new level. Benefits realized in efficiency, productivity, and accuracy make Sycuan Casino more profitable.”

One supervisor and 3 wardrobe attendants process uniforms for 1,694 people

Barbarin explains, “The department processes uniforms for more than 1,600 people. That includes everyone from food servers to table games dealers. Soon, we will handle the uniforms for the back of the house teams such as, chefs, cooks, and others. And we do that with 1 supervisor and 3 wardrobe attendants. We use technology, not manual labor, to manage our operation. This saves money for our company.”

Sycuan’s productive staff processes thousands of items in minutes with no data entry

InvoTech’s GIMS™ uniform tracking system uses ultra-high frequency readers to scan and record information from RFID tags sewn into the new uniforms by our supplier,” says Barbarin. “The technology enables our wardrobe team to scan hundreds of uniform items at one time without hand sorting. We do not even enter data into a computer. A light flashes to confirm the uniforms were processed into the GIMS system. The savings in time and lost items goes directly to the property’s bottom line.”

InvoTech has hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide in more than 30 countries, including hotels, resorts, casinos, theme parks, stadiums, arenas, convention centers, medical centers, cleanrooms, and laundries.

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About Sycuan Casino

Sycuan Casino, open 24 hours every day of the year with 2000 slot machines, 43 gaming tables, poker, bingo, live shows and multiple dining options, is operated by The Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation. Located 30 minutes east of downtown San Diego in the scenic Dehesa Valley, Sycuan Casino’s mission is to refine the casino guest experience through unparalleled service of the highest integrity in a friendly and entertaining environment. Dining venues include an all-you-can-eat Paipa's Buffet, Wachena Restaurant, Sunset Deli, Bingo Snack Bar, and the new GameDay Sports Bar & Grill. The nearby Sycuan Resort was voted San Diego’s favorite golf course 5 years in a row by readers of the San Diego Tribune.