InvoTech Laundry System

The InvoTech Laundry System integrates the latest RFID technology to most efficiently manage industrial laundry operations, and hotel and hospital laundries. The system streamlines and automates laundry operations to cut labor costs and provide real-time information to lower operating expenses.


RFID Inventory Tracking Options

Tracks Activity

Tracks Laundry Activity and Wash Cycles

Manages Accounts

Manages Customer Accounts

Sorting Interfaces

Interfaces with Sorting Conveyor System

Critical Information

Scheduled Reports Provides Critical Information

Validates Deliveries

Validates Pick-Ups and Deliveries

Laundry Inventory Management
The InvoTech Laundry System automatically tracks and manages laundry activity for customer-owned and rental uniforms and linens. The RFID technology works by electronically reading RFID tags attached to the uniforms and linens, allowing them to be automatically identified, counted and tracked. The system also facilitates sorting and validates pick-ups and deliveries at customer locations.

The InvoTech Laundry System will enable your business to best manage the inventory, automatically track laundry activity by customer, and facilitate sorting by customer, and sorting of uniforms by customer employees. The system accurately records laundry activity and provides billing reports by customer, and customer departments.

The usage and aging of uniforms and linens are monitored to maintain quality standards and forecast purchases. The system also manages repairs and alterations of uniforms and linens, and monitors laundry staff productivity of various laundry functions, such as special treatments, pressing, folding, and sorting. The customer billing reports can include charges for repairs and special treatments.

The InvoTech Laundry System eliminates many labor intensive manual tasks, such as separating and hand-counting uniforms and linens coming into the laundry or items being shipped to the customer. The system also automates recordkeeping, which eliminates manual errors.

Details about the InvoTech Laundry System
InvoTech’s solution maintains an accurate, real-time inventory of all items that ensures 100% control of assets to eliminate non-theft related losses. The system has many special features and powerful reporting capabilities for managing all aspects of laundry operations.

Integrated RFID Technology

RFID Technology

InvoTech integrates the latest RFID technology to most efficiently enable 100% control of the uniform and linen inventory while it eliminates the need to sort, hand count or individually scan items. The easy-to-use system streamlines daily processes and lets operators instantly identify and record hundreds of uniforms and linens in seconds with the RFID technology. The InvoTech Laundry System with RFID technology eliminates manual tasks and human error, gives operators total control, and makes accurate information always available. The System provides real-time information on exactly what transpired with every read – what type of transaction, and where and when it occurred.




The RFID tags are attached to all uniforms and linens to uniquely identify each individual item. The RFID tags have a read range of up to 6 feet from the RFID equipment with 100% accuracy. The RFID tags withstand all laundry processes for at least 200 wash cycles, including washing, drying, and pressing, and even the most rigorous laundry requirements such as sterilization and high-pressure water extractors. InvoTech provides RFID tags pre-inserted into fabric pouches to be easily sewn to the uniforms and linens or heat-sealable RFID tags can be provided for uniforms. RFID tags are often provided to the uniform and linen suppliers to be attached during the manufacturing process.


RFID Equipment

IInvoTech provides the appropriate RFID equipment based on each customer’s unique environment and operational requirements. InvoTech also assist with determining the appropriate location for the RFID equipment to be installed for most efficiently processing the various system features. The RFID equipment is configured by the InvoTech software for optimum performance and accuracy.

  • Uniform and Linen Inventory Reading Stations
  • Bundle Check Reading Station
  • Stain Treatment Reading Stations
  • Portable Handheld Readers with InvoTech Mobile Software
  • Laundry Cart Reading Stations with Touch-Screen Computer


Portable Handheld RFID Readers 

InvoTech provides Portable Handheld RFID Readers for flexible and accurate uniform and linen inventory tracking. The Portable Handheld RFID Reader uses InvoTech Mobile Software to save time and increase productivity in processing uniforms and linens. The Portable Handheld RFID Reader is primarily used for tracking customer pick-ups and deliveries and taking a physical inventory, but the portable device may also be used for adding and deleting uniform inventory. The wireless capability is especially useful for healthcare industry customers when processing contaminated uniforms and linens. The handheld reader communicates directly with the central InvoTech database via Wi-Fi and wirelessly transmits its data for instant updates. If Wi-Fi is not available, the handheld reader may be used in “batch-mode” and the data is then later downloaded to the InvoTech database.

Remote Reading Stations at Customer Location

The InvoTech Laundry System has the unique capability to validate all laundry pick-ups and deliveries at customer locations. InvoTech processes hundreds of items in a matter of seconds using portable laundry cart readers and hand-held readers. Pick-up and delivery quantities by type are immediately available. Customers know exactly what they have received, and what the laundry is responsible for. InvoTech provides vital customer information, eliminates disputes with customers and fosters enhanced customer relations.


Interfaces with the InvoTech Uniform System and Linen System

The InvoTech Laundry System interfaces with the InvoTech Uniform System and Linen System for the most complete laundry inventory tracking. The laundry and their customers both benefit from the RFID tags attached to the uniforms and linens. Information is shared between the systems to provide complete inventory tracking through the laundry process and to eliminate discrepancies and disputes between the laundry and their customers.


Interfaces with Automated Sorting Conveyor Systems

The InvoTech Laundry System interfaces with the highest quality and most widely-used automated uniform sorting conveyors. InvoTech provides employee and uniform details to the automated conveyors to know which uniforms are assigned to each employee. RFID equipment on the conveyors read the RFID tags on the uniforms and then automatically put the uniforms in order by customer and employee. The automated conveyor systems use the RFID technology to provide additional cost saving benefits to the savings already provided by the InvoTech Laundry System.



Benefits and Savings

Eliminates Laundry Losses

InvoTech’s Laundry System eliminates 100% of unaccounted losses associated with customers and daily laundry activity.

Improves Labor Productivity

InvoTech’s Laundry System delivers up to 20% greater labor productivity. It eliminates manual tasks and automates record keeping.

Reduces Purchases

InvoTech’s Laundry System cuts annual purchases 5% or more. It knows what items to replace to maintain quality standards.

Enhances Customer Relations

InvoTech’s Laundry System provides important information to the laundry customers and eliminates discrepancies and disputes.